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look up look out look AFtEr look ovEr 有什么区别

ook after表照顾,如:He looked after his sisterlook up 一般指在字典里查找单词什么的, look up the word in the dictionary. look for 指寻找,更倾向于找的过程,动作,(顺便提一下) find也是寻找,但更倾向于结果. I looked (look的过去式)f...

look over; (医生)检查(身体) look up; 查字典 look for; 寻找 find;找到;发现 find out 找出;查明(事实、真相等)

【look out】是英语常用习语,意思是【向外看 面向 朝外 当心】。 英 [ luk aut ] 美 [ lʊk aʊt ] 【look out】用法 1 向外看; 面向; 朝外 My hotel room looks out across the lake. 从我住的旅馆房间望出去是一片湖光景色。 2 (表...

1、look out over 其实就是 look out (向外看)和 look over(向远处看)的合成,不同的是 out 只能用作副词,后面不能带宾语,否则需要另加介词 of,over 则既能用作副词也能用作介词,可以带有宾语。例如: When he looks out (of the touris...

get out 离开,出去;泄露;出版 get up起床,筹备;打扮 get over克服;恢复;熬过;原谅 look over检查,察看;从…上面看;原谅 其实意思相差蛮大的

动词 look out over: be oriented in a certain direction 同义词:look out on, overlook, look across 不是一定要翻译成面临的,翻译成可以看到海的啊!

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