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这是对我努力工作的肯定 英语翻译

这是对我努力工作的肯定 This means saying yes to my hard work .

We can learn a lot through hard work. 例 而我们又是否能够从中学到一些更好的审视自己的方法呢? And what, if anything, can they teach us about ourselves?

We can quite a lot from working hard. or We can learn much from working hard. 祝你开心如意!

He must work hard for earning money.

at last he reaped the rwards of hard work, becoming a doctor.

The story tries to tell us if you work hard, nothing is impossible.

If I have a chance to get this job,I will do my best.

While working at ordinary times, I have been trying to learn the relevant professional knowledge, and also learn some simple English.

Please do trust me, If I have a chance to join this (company, group之类),i will work hard on it.


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