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英文翻译: 当你确定日期的时候告诉我.我可以计划...

当你确定日期的时候告诉我。我可以计划一下去找你。 英语是: Tell me when you have set a date, so that I can make plan to visit you. 或是: Let me know when you have set a date, so that I can make plan to visit you. 希望会对你有帮助。

May I be your girlfriend?

When you don't have a computer, please turn off the power.

Can you tell me the specific time so that we can make proper preparations Do you want to find a chance to find a magical and beautiful place in the southwest of China I suggest you put the money in the bank. The students living...

当你和别人一起出去的时候你应该 When you go out with someone else, you should

When my visa application is approved, I will let you know the exact time for my visit.

When you are unhappy,I can sing a song to you with my bad voice.


you will find I'm so optimistic if you get along with me for some time.

I think you should chat more with your father. When you say out your suggestion, try not to be too straight to tell home your reason. Listen to his opinion. Adults' suggestion are always mature than others'.

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