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日常工作: routine/daily grind/routine work. 重新装修会议室,打乱了办公室的日常工作。 Refit the conference room have disturbed the office routine. 我需要休假以摆脱单调的日常工作。 I need a holiday as a relief from the daily grin...

i have to do a lot of daily work every day.

日常事务 [词典] daily routine; everyday concerns; [例句]他灵巧的动手能力和杰出的空间识别能力都浪费在日常事务上了。 His manual dexterity and fine spatial skills were wasted on routine tasks.

"办公室日常事务 Office daily affairs "办公室日常事务 Office daily affairs

daily life 英 [ˈdeili laif] 美 [ˈdeli laɪf] 【词典】日常生活;起居; 例句: All of these help relax and de-stress you from the rigors of daily life. 所有这些都能帮助放松身心,缓解日常生活的辛苦带来的压力。

翻译如下: 日常明细 Daily detail 例句: 管理日常现金支付,登记现金日常明细帐,确保帐实相符。 1 manage daily cash flow and payment., make daily detail and ensure the account and the cash is equivalent.

日常生活英文:Daily life. 造句: I am sustained by letters of support and what people say to me in ordinary daily life. 这些支持的信件和人们每天对我的鼓励一直支撑着我。 Does such an attitudinal change reflect real experiences i...

what daily tasks I should do and is there any fixed working place and time for this job if I want to join in your company and start to work daily

Works and expressions for everyday use 注: everyday 英 [ˈevrideɪ] 美 [ˈɛvriˈde] adj. 每天的; 日常的,平常的; 普通的; 经常; [例句]In the course of my everyday life, I had very little contact with teenag...

the daily work of office 【数学之美】很高兴为你解答,不懂请追问!满意请采纳,谢谢!O(∩_∩)O~

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